Pikmenow.com is a Business App project under Connectbiz Online Shopping Kart Pvt Ltd, which is

incorporated under ROC U72900KL2018PTC052795 companies act in 2018. We started with two

people in the marketing field, creating ideas, supporting technological services and software-based solutions, and proposing

this to the universe with a new habit of shopping culture.

Pikmenow supports Connectbiz.in is a client agent between shops and customers, and we

establish business opportunities for shops who are interested in participating in our online

platform. Pikmenow directs Connectbiz.in is a client agent who supports businesses from online

stores to consumers, and we provide world-class business online cart on our platform, so they

can show their products with their images, size, weight, design, rate, price, and discounts if any.

The delivery of an order may take 2 to 3 hours of business from the time of confirmation if the

order is placed from the same pincode area on the same working day. The estimated delivery

time frame will be mentioned on the product page. The actual delivery time of a product is

determined by the merchant's availability of the product, geographical location, shipping address

courier companies, and other factors. Shipping charges may be applicable based on products,

quantity, weight, distance from the shop, etc. We are the only platform that connects shops with

the local market.

Encouraging Business for shops on local markets are our moto and we are interested in

business development from the foot of market which are basically local shops. Our idea is to

market products which are stocked in local shops and customers can purchase through our

platform based on location.We have our own dedicated delivery agents and we also tied up with

third party delivery companies to do delivery in prompt time. Our business features will cover

more than one crore jobs in the fifield of training , marketing , development , support , service,

delivery and other. Proper training team with a call and video based support system will produce

user friendly business options that may lead the new culture of shopping for future and earnings.

Start selling,delivery, area delivered items,updated orders,settlement of accounts and a lot more.

Everything can be placed in our one single store app so that store owners can use this in a friendly


As per government guidelines, we are accepting orders for all products across the country. In the event any location is designated as a restricted zone under regulations, we may limit orders to essential products.

We are accepting Cash/Pay on Delivery in most locations where we are delivering all products. If your location is eligible for Pay on Delivery, you will see the option on the payment page while placing your order. 

We are working across the Operations network to enable faster deliveries to customers while ensuring the safety of associates and customers. We are continuously improving our delivery promise to offer a seamless delivery experience. you can call to our customer care 91944625018

Yes, you can create returns by visiting Your Orders. However, the return pick up timeline may be longer than usual if movement of goods and person is restricted in your area, by local or state government.

We have already enabled locations at the frontend of the search.

Pikmenow.com is a Project under Connecbizonline Shopping Kart Pvt Lt which is incorporated under Indian Companies Act 2018. 

You can go to the menu bar at the right top, in that option for register, and fill in all required details.

www.pikmenow.com Pikmenow.com is a Project under Connecbizonline Shopping Kart Pvt Lt which is incorporated under Indian Companies Act 2018. The main objective of Pikmenow is to establish relations with all types of businesses and services. We will advertise, and list businesses/services in our web portal and application for Android and Apple. This helps Manufactures, Shops, Business Ventures, and Services can establish an opportunity to brand and publish their products/services online. we have crafted several budget-friendly packages which will help to add business/service features in our portal for public view. you can add your business or service features with images and videos in our portal so that from public views you can get details of customers who saw your business profile, your images your videos from your backend with like views, favorite views, and lead views. this will help you to get more customers from our portal. you can see these reports from the Android and Apple applications of Pikmenow.

Warm welcome to India's Largest online multistore platform.We are client agents between shops and customers,we are establishing business opportunities for shops who are interested to participate in our online multistore platform.We support business from online store to consumer and we provide world class business online carts on our platform,so they can show their products with their images,size, weight,design,rate,price,discounts if any.

Business Agent

The Business Agent is the retail partner of our business. The Business Agent is appointed by the

Business Head, who is appointed by the user manager based on marketing experience, territory, and

other financial status, along with their previous experience. Business Agents can receive three types

of income, which are mentioned in the link to Business Agent. After successful registration, the

Business Agents can add shops, also add their products, and can start selling.